Now in our 18th year, Lev Eisha has been the spiritual Jewish home for hundreds of women from the greater Los Angeles Area.

What is a spiritual home for women? It is a place for prayer and contemplation without distractions where women can simply be themselves and participate any way they want.

Using tambourines, the ladies stand and sway, laugh and dance, or cry and hold one another. Lev Eisha is a service of the “heart” in all ways. It is emotional, ecstatic, meditative and joyful. It is a sacred time and space to find yourself and unite with your soul.

Our vision is to continue to provide this monthly service and create the opportunity for women to find healing and inspiration. We reach out to the community through our creative programs to women of all ages and invite you to bring your friends! We offer ongoing study groups and breakfast teachings for the intellect, and meditation and prayer for the soul.

Share our vision and bring YOUR heart to Lev Eisha.