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Ape House – by Sara Gruen

Posted by | April 16, 2017 | book reviews | No Comments

2458340Ape House is a very readable book for many reasons. It is based on a love of animals, and in particular, bonobos chimpanzees. It offers intrigue with the capture of  the bonobos who are very human-like. It is a tale of how science, business, and well-meaning fanatics can collide – to the detriment of both animals and humans. Characters in the book range from straight intellectuals, to hippies and computer geeks. We see ups and downs, esp with the lead character, Isabel Duncan, who has a family-like relationship with the chimps who can communicate with humans. She is a woman whose sole mission in life is to protect and learn from apes. This book is relevant to our times because it cares about life on the planet and how we treat our environment. The book is exciting, illuminating and engaging. Ape House is a fun read, a great story of love between man and animals and love between women and men. It is funny, sad and heart-warming.