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As a Driven Leaf – by Chaim Potok

Posted by | January 01, 2015 | book reviews | No Comments

asadrivenleafSet in Roman Palestine, As a Driven Leaf draws readers into the dramatic era of Rabbinic Judaism. Watch the great Talmudic sages at work in the Sanhedrin, eavesdrop on their arguments about theology and Torah, and agonize with them as they contemplate rebellion against an oppressive Roman rule. But Steinberg’s classic novel also transcends its historical setting with its depiction of a timeless, perennial feature of the Jewish experience: the inevitable conflict between the call of tradition and the glamour of the surrounding culture. In his illuminating foreword, specially commissioned for this edition, Chaim Potok stresses the contemporary relevance of As a Driven Leaf: “This novel of ideas and passions. . . retains its ability to enter the heart of pious and seeking Jew alike.”

This book was read and enjoyed by the Lev Eisha Book Club.