Q. Is the food at Lev Eisha kosher?
A. All of our food items are parve or dairy. Our basic kiddush items (challah, bagels, wine, juice) are strictly kosher.  Many other items, from month to month, are also certified kosher — but not all.  Items that are prepared in non-kosher kitchens are labeled accordingly.  Other items may be prepared in kosher homes.  If you’re unsure, please ask.

Q. What about a kippah and/or tallit?

A. The women at Lev Eisha come from diverse backgrounds and traditions.  We do not require congregants to cover their heads, but we do provide kippot in the entry hall for those who wish to wear them.  Individual congregants may choose to bring and wear a tallit.   We are grateful to Marion Klein for providing tallitot that are available to those who are called up to the bimah.

Q. Can my husband/son/father/friend (male) attend a Lev Eisha service?

A. Yes.  Everyone is welcome.

Q. Are children allowed to attend Lev Eisha?  Is childcare available?
A. We value having children at our services.  Please use discretion during quiet times, such as silent prayer and the Rabbi’s sermon.  Unfortunately, we are not currently able to offer childcare.

Q. Can I put my flyers out on the table?
A. Congregants may place flyers on our Community table.  Materials must pertain to Jewish events and/or Israel.  The Membership table is reserved for Lev Eisha material.

Q. What are the Shabbat rules at Lev Eisha?

A. Lev Eisha is open to people at all levels of observance.  Congregants are encouraged to be mindful of the Sabbath, and to respect the sensibilities of others.  Please do not ask others to write or handle money on Shabbat.  This could make some congregants feel uncomfortable, since levels of practice vary.

Telephones should be turned off or silenced, and congregants are asked to go outside if they must use their telephones.

Most congregants wear dressy casual or business attire to show their respect for the Sabbath day, the house of worship and the congregation.  Don’t be afraid to come in casual clothes, if that’s what you’re comfortable with, but please cover up a little rather than wearing skimpy clothes on the bimah.

Q. How can I obtain an “honor” at the service?

A. We offer many opportunities to participate in Lev Eisha services:

  • English readings
  • opening/closing the Ark
  • chanting the reader’s Shema (Hebrew) & carrying the Torah
  • greeting congregants at the door

If you sponsor a breakfast or kiddish you will be asked if you would like an honor.   You may also e-mail requests to info@leveishaorg.ipage.com.

Many other volunteer opportunities are available.  Please feel free to ask how you can help out.