Donations & Sponsorships

Kiddush Sponsorships

If you’re celebrating or commemorating, in “Order Notes” at checkout, please include the occasion for the donation.

Basic Kiddush

$ 160

  • Includes challah, baked goods, wine, grape juice, coffee, tea, dried fruit and nuts, green salad, and 1 protein.
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Extended Kiddush

$ 275

  • Includes challah, enhanced baked goods, wine, grape juice, coffee, tea, dried fruit and nuts, veggies, bagels, cream cheese, fresh fruit, green salad, and 2 proteins.
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Breakfast & Study with Rabbi

$ 180

  • Includes bagels, cream cheese, sliced vegetables, protein, coffee, tea, and juice.
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Directed & General Donations

Lev Eisha "Nosh"

$ 36

  • Nourish the Lev Eisha community with a “little extra” food at a breakfast or Kiddush.
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Rabbi’s Fund

$ 18-180

  • Enable Rabbi August to lend support and care for our community and its members and to assist in outreach to worthy by donating to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.
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General Donation

$ 18-180

  • Warm the heart of someone special with a donation to let them know you wish to:
    Honor a Simcha
    Acknowledge a Mazel Tov
    Recognize a Milestone
    Send Wishes of Healing
    Remember a Loved One
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Pillars Fund

$ 1000-2000

Our sustaining legacy fund has a minimum donation of $2000 due by June 30, 2017.  This special fund is designed to help cover our core operating expenses – rent, insurance, a portion of the professional staff salaries and to help subsidize the Women’s Weekend and Day of Learning Programs.

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